Your Kitchen is your Clinic (Everyday Derma Solutions)

Your Kitchen is your Clinic (Everyday Derma Solutions)

The best derm-clinics in the country give service that comes from the heart. Not only do they take care of you “on the surface”, they also give provisions and tips for more affordable dermatological maintenance. Buying the “latest formula” for professional skin care products stores can get your pants along with your wallets in a bunch. Here are some advice that my skin doctor gave me:


Probably one of the most universally holistic items out there. it’s good for your digestive system and immune system. It is also very good for your skin. Because honey has potent antibacterial property, see  improvements on your acne in less than a week. Just thinly slather a dollop evenly on the skin and let it rest for about an hour.


The best skin whitening agent with tawas coming in at second. Calamansi not only anti-bacterializes smelly clothes when combined with vinegar, it also can act as an all natural deodorant that can effectively whiten skin. Slice a calamansi in half and contact-squeeze them on your arm pits overnight.


It good for the skin but don’t get ahead of yourself and start rubbing it on. Gelatin is rich in collagen. It’s the perfect solution to loose skin and stretch marks and it’s a quick dessert to boot. Have 250grams of it per day.

These are regular household items that can easily be bought from any local supermarket. You may even have them in your kitchen as your reading this. So if you think that your skin needs pampering, look no further than your pantry.


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